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It is my joy and focus to amplify the positive impact an individual has on their family and community by helping them build enduring wealth and adopt life principles that encourage well-being.

Jonathan Lau


Emotu Capital

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My Story

Nine years ago I began investing in real estate to accelerate my family's path to financial independence. I desired freedom to invest more time with my family and pursue the things we loved. At the beginning of my real estate journey I focused on buying and actively managing multifamily properties in Seattle. As a full time employee, husband, and father of energetic boys, I found it difficult to scale my real estate portfolio without sacrificing time with my family (the reason I got into real estate). Because of my time constraints, I began leveraging passive real estate strategies including flips as a capital partner, private notes with developers, turnkey properties, and apartment syndications.

I have dedicated myself to become an expert in the world of real estate investing and to share what I have learned. I now own/control ~1600 units in WA, AZ, TX, and FL. My hope is for you to join me on this journey towards financial independence, and together, make a greater difference in the lives of those around us.

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